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Produktinformationen "colorFabb_XT"

ABS war gestern! colorFabb XT druckt nicht nur besser sondern ist in seinen mechanischen Eigenschaften ABS sogar überlegen.

Im Gegensatz zu ABS ist ColorFabb XT sogar geeignet für die Verpackung und den Kontakt mit Lebensmitteln! (Nach EU Richtlinie 10/2011)

3 mm amorphes Filament für 3D Drucker

Effektiver Durchmesser = 2.85 mm +/- 0.05 mm

Extra Temperaturbeständig, extra transparent, extra fest und extra lebensmittelecht - die perfekte Alternative zu ABS!

1 Spule enthält min. 750 gramm Filament

Empfohlene Verarbeitungstemperatur = 260 ° C

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Please read this:

In-house testing showed that ColorFabb_XT likes to be printed at a higher temperature then PLA to increase flow and improve the bonding of layers. Please make sure your hotend can safely reach 260 °C (like the one of the Delta Tower).

Switching back to PLA or another material is usually done by ‘purging’ the hot-end of _XT material. Heating up the hot-end to 260 C and feeding through new material will purge the hotend of _XT. Another method would be to insert filament manually in the hotend (while hot) and retracting it immediately. _XT will stick to the end of the filament which can then be cut off. Repeat this several times to completely clean out the hot-end.


And what is ColorFabb_XT

The ColorFabb_XT range is a special amorphous copolyester with a Tg of 75 C. So you can use this up to 70 degrees C. Toughness is high. Elongation at break = 50% (yield). In comparison, the normal PLA / PHA range has a elongation of approx 10% at yield, but has very good layer adhesion properties and is a bit softer compared to PLA. Both qualities have minimum warping tendencies.

In addition to this, ColorFabb XT is very transparent and odourless compared to ABS.


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"Colofabb is a brand of Helian Polymers"

Helian Polymers is your partner for Masterbatches, Additives and Bioplastics.

We produce Filaments for 3D Printing in our own production facility in Venlo, The Netherlands.


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